Marco Reus Haircut 2019

The Marco Reus haircut is actually one of the most popular soccer player hairstyles in the world right now! Reus’s hairstyle looks different at times, but the footballer usually sports a textured comb over fade. However, other variations of Marco Reus’s hair include an undercut on the sides styled with a faux hawk, slick back, or spiky fringe.

Since these textured cuts and styles are easy to get at any barbershop, you can definitely style Reus’s haircut. Just remember his most popular hairstyle’s name – the comb over fade – and your barber should know exactly how to cut it. The only other decisions to make are how high or low to get the fade and how long or short to leave the hair on top. And when styling, all guys need to do is apply a quality pomade, create a part, and brush their hair to one side.

Best Marco Reus Haircuts

If you love Marco Reus’s new hairstyle, then check out his awesome haircuts below to find a cool cut and style to try!

Short Tapered Sides + Textured Comb Over

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