pixie hair cut styles for women with a round face or round chubby face

pixie haircut styles for women with a round face or round chubby face

A pixie haircut is a type of short haircuts of women or men with short-cropped hair traits from the top and sides but not too exhausted, the hair can still be chopped and styled into a model of hair that we want well.
For women who have a flat or rounded face shape. Then this type of haircut is the right choice. Because it will make your face look smaller and taper. In addition, the hair also appears not too and waves covering our face shape.

pixie haircut styles for women with a round face or round chubby face
pixie haircut styles for women with a round face or round chubby face

A pixie haircut is a model of female hair that has existed from the old days but is rarely used. Pixie Cut’s hair model could be said to be a thin short hair model that almost resembles a man’s hair. This hair model is now quite often seen, and this model is also enthused by various circles, both children, adult women, and older people.

If there have long hair and plan on wanting to cut hair like a Pixie cut model, there are a few things to be aware of as follows.

Watch your face shape

Not all Pixie cut models are suitable for all face shapes. To find out the shape of your face, the way is to put your hair into a horse or ponytail model, and then look at the mirror. It is there that you will see your face without being covered by hair. Pixie Cut is suitable for use on hair models for box faces. However, if your face shape is more rounded, then this model is not suitable for use.

How to polish your hair in Pixie Cut style

Clean hair
Surely the first thing is to do the cleansing of the hair first. To clean the hair, you can use any shampoos. Make sure you use the shampoo that suits your scalp and hair so that no hair problem occurs quite seriously.

Gradually cut hair
If you have hair whose length has reached your back, then you should not directly cut short hair. Try to be done slowly. Start from the back to the neck, then from the neck to the head. It is done so that you do not feel scared because it is cut short. However, if you are already very ready to cut short, then please do.

Use an electric shaver
Surely it will be very exhausting and long to cut long hair into a super short. Therefore, you should use an electric shaver. then faster, the results are even neater. To use an electric shaver, make sure the person you are entrusting to cut hair is already familiar with how to use electric hair shavers.

Trim side, front, and back of the hair
Once the hair has been cut short, the next step is to stay smoothed its sides with scissors. Share the front, side, around the ear as well as the back. Once your hair has been cut short like that, it doesn’t mean you can’t look feminine. Families it you can use the following ways.

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Wearing the Bando
Bando or Bandana is one of the accessories used by women to make it look more attractive. Use of bandana can further add to the feminine impression even though you use the Pixie Cut model though. Besides appearing feminine, using this bando can also give you a stylish impression.

Using earrings
Another way is to wear earrings as one of the accessories that add another feminine impression. Basically earrings are one of the accessories that are very commonly used by the people. Nowadays, this one is also a lot of models and easy to find anywhere. However, the use of earrings also should not be reckless. Can-can your appearance be worse if using random earrings.

Using Natural Makeup
Well, like whatever hair model you are using, try to keep using makeup on the face. Try using the makeup possible. By using natural makeup, you’ll still look feminine in front of others even though the hairstyle is more in the direction of the tomboy.