Haircuts for small children to look neat and polite

Haircuts for small children to look neat and polite

Cut the hair of boys can be said to be easy difficult. In fact, it’s easy because the style of the boys is simple, just wear the shaver, it’s gone.

Haircuts for small children
Haircuts for small children

However, it is not Mama now trending. His name if not trying to give a contemporary style to his children.
Some of the like-experimenting Mama’s might take the child to the barber and ask the little one to have a contemporary hairstyle.
However, some of Mama’s others prefer to shave their own son on the grounds that they cannot be asked to sit still when shaved.
Well, speaking of the boys haircuts model, here we has encapsulated 7 cool boys ‘ hair models but remained polite.


The hairstyle below is also a hairstyle that is “safe ” for Mama children who are studying in public schools.

1. Buzz Cut
The style of buzz cut or fast is easy to apply for boys from toddlers even to adulthood.
Hair straight, curls, thick, or short for boys just fit wearing this hairstyle.

kids Buzz Cut
kids Buzz Cut

2. Long Hair on top
This style is also a “safe” style for both toddlers and adults.
The upper hair is a bit long, but the hair from the middle to lower is shorter (fade).
Simple but far from the ancient world!

Long Hair on top
Long Hair on top

3. Side part
Have a cute son bak a prince?
Wow, Mama can try the hairstyle of Prince George NIH!
Prince George showed the hair of a side-part with the charm of a royal member.

Kids Side part
Kids Side part

4. Cool Haircut Medium
This type of haircut is suitable for the little one who has thick hair and does not want to cut it too much.
Usually, the hair growth of boys is faster than girls.
Therefore, if the bangs are already covering the eyes of the little ones, do not forget to cut the front of the hair, yes.

Cool Haircut Medium
Cool Haircut Medium

5. Toddler Style
Children’s hairstyles are also being rewarded by adult males because of their cool and contemporary models.
The lower part of the hair is thin and the top is left somewhat lengthy but facing sideways.
Not only adults, but little son Mama also fit to have a style haircut like this!

6. Bowl Cut
Choppy hairstyle layers are known as hair models that form around. On the bangs, it is usually more inclined to form towards the front.
This hair Model gives a plain impression on Mom’s son. If your little one has an oval or round face, then this hairstyle will suit her once.
If the haircut is too long for Mama’s school children, then Mama can shorten it a few more centi so as not to disturb his activities in school.

7. Mohawk
The Mohawk Model also has a unique haircut. Because the left and right side of the hair is made plants.
Meanwhile, the rest of the hair is made more upward. To keep your hair perfectly upright, use a child’s hair gels.
This mohawk is a fairly popular hair model since the model of this hair is often used by adult males.