Acoustic songs guitar for best love woman’s or girl’s

Acoustic songs guitar for best love woman’s or girl’s

Acoustic songs are songs that are sung in the traditional way. It does not use modern tools or power tools, but it uses a wide variety of traditional musical instruments, such as guitars, flute, drums.

Guitars are widely used to play songs in an acoustic. Many musicians who use a guitar to rearrange the songs are the latest songs with very thrilling tones.

There is an application containing a collection of the best songs from famous musicians has been arranged in a very elegant acoustic way. These acoustic songs are very suitable for us to listen to when I need inspiration and ideas to think. The application can be downloaded in this download acoustic song guitar.

Acoustic songs guitar for best love
Acoustic songs guitar for best love

The List of available acoustic songs in the application will be discussed little by little in the caption below.

Avenged Sevenfold-Dear God Acoustic songs

A love song from a Metalcore band is usually loved by listeners like this song. Yep, Dear God is a romantic song from the band Avenged Sevenfold, which tells the story of a man (songwriter) who inevitably has to abandon his lover (for a thing). Therefore, on his journey left his lover, he prayed to God to keep his lover, because he loved him very much. So, this is not a heartbroken song, in my opinion, this song is more specific to the longing of the natural songwriters on his lover. Acoustic songs guitar for best love
Rumors are growing anyway, this song is about the longing that M. Shadows (vocalist) experienced in his lover when he had to leave him to do the Tour of Avenged Sevenfold Concert for many months. The Rumor is reinforced by its own video clip, which seems to tell the vocals on the way to the concert.

Bob Marley-No Women No Cry Acoustic songs

For reggae music lovers, of course, the name Bob Marley is so familiar. Robert Nesta Marley “Bob ” Marley is a singer born in Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica, February 6, 1945. Bob Marley is now known around the world as the most popular reggae musician in the reggae music scene. The song is called No Woman, No Cry. The song No Woman, No Cry is a reggae-based song that was first sung by Bob Marley and The Wailers in 1974. No Woman, No Cry in Natty Dread’s studio album. This song is a favorite in the world, not only Indonesia.
Some of you might memorize this song and often sing it. The song No Woman, No Cry is usually sung as an entertainer when alone no woman is accompanying. Many do swallow it raw with the meaning of no woman, not crying. But apparently the assumption was misguided.
From various references, the song is precisely meant to entertain the woman who was grieving.
“No Woman, No Cry…
No Woman, No Cry…
Woman Little Sister, Don’t Sad No Tears…
No Woman, No Cry… “Thus the lyrics.
If we are careful, the song above tells a person who is calming the crying woman. Not the singing of a man who was heartbroken. Acoustic songs guitar for best love
In addition, the sentence No Woman, No Cry is a Slank dialect of Jamaica. Actually, what the lyrics say is No Woman, Noah Cry, which means don’t girl, don’t cry. While there is speculation that says No Woman, No Cry is a social song that tells about poverty.
It is not confirmed, because Bob Marley himself has been gone. Regardless of the song No Woman No Cry is a phenomenal song that Bob Marley has ever created throughout his career. So for men, when abandoned by lovers and breaking in love, do not sing the song No Woman No Cry huh? ‘

Bon Jovi – it’s My Life Acoustic songs

The song was a single released in 2000 and topped the charts in several countries. The thing that makes this song so famous is the spirit that spirited and also the meaning of its good lyrics. And this time I want to share some of the meanings I get in from this song:
Life is not a place for weak people
The life we live in today is a hard place and can drop us anytime. Everyone can drop at any time in a way that he never thought of before. But when we fall that is when we have to demonstrate the strength of our determination. We must always arise from all our downfall and of course, it can only be done by those who have the power of determination in his heart, because the reality of life is not an easy game but rather a very loud battle arena Without knowing forgiveness. Acoustic songs guitar for best love
Life is only once
We who live are given only one life and we are limited by space and time. Once everything is really last there will be no more chance to repeat all the things we have missed. That is why we cannot allow this life with just something pointless and useless, in addition to that we also can not delay the thing we really want to do. If you do not want to really regret it later then give everything you can while still alive and do all the things you want to do now. Because the life we are going through is not an endless life, but a story that has the end of each story. So paint everything you should be painting now before everything stays in regret. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Canon Rock Acoustic songs

Some people feel the song Canon in D as music that is meaningful to them, who are heard in happy or sad. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to encounter Canon in D in a drama or film, which is used as an emotional delivery medium that wants to be channeled to the audience, usually when the narrative or scene without a conversation. For example, you can find The song Canon in D in the movie My Sassy Girl (2001), The Classic (Korean Film), You & Me (Kimi To Boku 2011, Japanese Film), etc.
Canon’s own songs were originally forgotten by people for centuries and were reintroduced in 1919 by Gustav Beckmann, after which much research was conducted on the works of Johann Pachelbel, and over time Canon in D became widely known again. What makes “Canon in D” very captivating is its simplicity. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Celine Dion-My Heart Will Go On Acoustic songs

Telling about love to someone is not familiar with spacetime-dimensional. If we truly love the person, then our hearts will continue to love him, even though we have found his successor as a couple. But will not be able to replace its position until Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Acoustic songs

Eric Clapton wrote ‘ Wonderful Tonight ‘ in 1976 while waiting for his boyfriend (and future wife) Pattie Boyd to get ready for the night out. They’re headed to the Buddy Holly award night which Paul McCartney arranged. At that time Clapton was waiting when Pattie Boyd tried the outfit.
Boyd told The Guardian in 2008 that Clapton was sitting playing the guitar as he tried to dress upstairs.
“I’ve been a long time and I’m panicking about my hair, my clothes, everything, and I’m down hoping he really reviled me, but he said, ‘ Listen to this! ‘”
On March 28, 1979, the day after they were married, Clapton took Pattie on stage and sang it at his concert in Tucson, Arizona. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Extreme-More Than Words Acoustic songs

This love song we covered the old song from the 90-an era rock band “Extreme ” titled “More Than Words “.
The song is really good, played acoustically by Nuno Bettencourt on guitar and Gary Cherone on vocals. The song, which was first released on March 23, 1991, meant that it had been more than 20 years ago, but the love song was still nice to hear.
The song was once on the charts of his day. According to Bettencourt, the song tells the story of the word “I Love You ” It has begun to be considered meaningless to some people, because of the Ducapkan. People think just giving love is enough. In fact, love is actually not how many times it is pronounced but must be proved. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Garry Moore-Still Got The Blues Acoustic songs

In a growing history, blues are a term given to both musical forms and musical genres created, especially in African-American society living in the Deep South, United States. Present at the end of the 19th century, the music has a spiritual element, a song of the workmen, and a simple narrative-narrative rhythmic ballad.
Before giving birth to many more distinctive streams, the Blues were also identified as music that voiced sadness. Until the 20th century, Blues grew and were divided into several subgenres. Blues is a type of music that is “rich” because it is the result of “marriage” of various genres, such as jazz, folk, backings & Blues, and Rock n roll. The results of the marriage make the Blues as a kind of soulful and characteristic music. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Guns N Roses-Patience Acoustic songs

What do Patience Guns N ‘ Roses mean? This Patience song tells the story of a man who had his ex-daughter. He said to his ex that the problems they faced will soon be resolved with patience will make things good again. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Here for You Acoustic songs

The FireHouse Hits call it Reach For The Sky, All She Wrote, Love of a Lifetime When I Look Into Your Eyes and Don’t Treat Me Bad. However, surely one song is so inherent in the hearts of listeners, the I Live My Life for You.
The song I Live My Life for You will not feel so romantic and different without the typical voice touch of the vocalist, C. J. Snare. The romanticism of the song is also coupled with the lyrics that have profound meaning. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Hotel California Acoustic songs

IN a song on the album hits 1976, “Hotel California “, The Eagles warned The listener would be two things ‘ dangerous ‘, women and California. Or, more precisely, California girls.
Through this song, he seems to have told him that California can be an oasis in the middle of a barren wilderness, offering coolness and comfort. Coupled with beautiful girls and luxuries scattered there, seduce every man to drop in. Turns out it’s all a mirage, which is actually a trap that makes people have to give up and get shackled.
“Los Angeles looks like a beautiful oasis on the edge of a barren desert. Hundreds of thousands of people have migrated to California to find sunlight, beautiful women, money, and fame. But most of them found his dream was a mirage, “added the Felder. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Linkin Park-Numb Acoustic songs

“Numb” is what is depicted in his video clip, a girl who stands on the bridge on the first second. Yep, in the video clip, it was obvious that the girl felt pressure from her parents to be perfect (for college/being a person of science/being smart). Whereas dreams are wanting to be an artist, but nobody believes in his talents and no one is waiting for him. Because it did not suit his liking, not his favorite and talent, he could not become himself, he “numb”. Many problems arise. In the video it looks like he’s been seen by his lecturer when drawing sketches in class, falling out of stairs, being seduced by his friend, feeling lonely in the middle of the crowd, and then he argues with his own mother. Acoustic songs guitar for best love
This song is really a genius, and a little tricky to interpret. Like what has been illustrated in the video clip, this song seems to describe the current reality of “people (can parents, teachers, can lovers, can friends)” who want to change our behavior and values to fit their needs or needs in the community. Although sometimes the goal is good, the “people” are unaware that what they are doing will instead be curving us. We will probably obey what they want, but our hearts will be numb because we are not ourselves, as if we were instead told to be others, and pretend to be others that are very exhausting.

Michael Jackson-Black Or White Acoustic songs

The song tells the story of a woman named Billie Jean who constantly accused that Jackson had rewarded him and said that Jackson was the father of his children. From the news in circulation, the woman is an admirer of Jackson’s fanatics, who constantly send letters, gifts, and threats to the Jackson.

Acoustic songs guitar for best love
Billie who constantly accused Jackson, then in the cover by the media gossip so that the rumors make it spread so that some people believe that rumors are true. That is why Jackson wrote this song as his traumatic appearance because he was terrorized by the woman. Through this song, Jackson just wanted to say that Billie had defamed himself, with unrighteous slander, Jackson wanted to assert that Billie was not his lover and Jackson never did.
Note that the name Billie Jean in the song’s lyrics is the pseudonym of the woman, so the real name of the female aviator Jackson is not Billie Jeans.

Ost-Sadness and Sorrow Acoustic songs

A continuous Japanese manga series. The storytelling Plot contains about a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, who constantly seeks recognition and aspires to become a ninja in his village recognized as the leader and strongest of all, and also called Hokage. The series is based on a one-shot comic by Kishimoto which was published directly on Akamaru and has now grown into a phenomenon Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody Acoustic songs

Bohemian Rhapsody was the sequel to Killer Queen, the band’s first song to be included in the top 40 in the United States in the first half of 1975 and paving the way for a massive tour. Acoustic songs guitar for best love
Killer Queen’s success raises new awareness of what will become Queen’s fourth album, A Night at the Opera.

QUEEN-Love of My Life Acoustic songs

It started when Freddie (Queen vocalist), admitted to Marry Austin (a former Freddie lover), that she was more interested in men than women. Knowing this, Marry Austin decides to split up after a long time together. After the breakup, Freddie’s heart broke. For even though the ‘ Badaniah ‘ Freddie was attracted to the man, his soul and heart were actually just for Marry. Acoustic songs guitar for best love
In that situation, Freddie eventually created the song. A clear picture that in every breakup, in every mistake, is in every circumstance that makes our hearts broken, and under no circumstances can we judge a person’s heart. Love is as deep as the content of our hearts, an area of the mind. They cannot be guessed. In the sense that it may be that Marry would have thought Freddie was unfaithful to her, and hurt her. But who knows Freddie’s content instead?

SCORPIONS-Wind of Change Acoustic songs

Wind of Change, a song sung by a band called Scorpions. The song tells the Berlin Wall which is considered a separator of German citizens. The reuniting of the western and eastern German states and the collapse of the Soviet Union had inspired the band to perform the song Wind of Change. The creation of this song gave rise to the understanding that apparently history does not have to be expressed through elaborate books, but also can pass the song in hopes that people easily understand it and not forget the events in the past. The situation of German society at that time that was most likely felt by the band Scorpions had inspired them to create this song.

Acoustic songs guitar for best love The German society that should unite and the brothers were separated by the historic wall which was a symbol of power and distinction of the Alliance at that time.

System of A Down-Toxicity Acoustic songs

If we see the title of the song, “Toxicity” can be interpreted as a toxic substance that if polluted, can affect all organisms living in its environment. However, the toxicity of this song seemed to lead to a distorted attitude of human behavior or bad behavior. These deviant human attitudes are regarded as “toxins” that unconsciously affect themselves, in their communities, their cities, even the world.

The Godfather theme Song Acoustic songs

As it was known, the song was popular in 1972, with The film being detonable The Goodfather. The Film is portrayed by Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone. Not only that, but the song also got into the number 34 in Billboard’s Hot 100 magazine. Acoustic songs guitar for best love

Yiruma-Kiss The Rain Acoustic songs

Yiruma’s musical style is quite misclassified because music is very popular in all ages. Instrumental solo piano is more likely to be in the new classical style or could it be called a contemporary classical song “Kiss The Rain” which was the same Yiruma?? Acoustic songs guitar for best love The song that means kissing the rain is very famous