We are a barber shop that has been in the haircut business since 2000. Here we try to show good haircut styles in accordance with the trends of famous artists and figures.

This webiste to explain ho to make a greate and use fuul hair styles for all people with all models face and trending in new years.

Servise in our salons, there is a position :

~Shampooers they are the ones that wash and condition the customer’s hair before it is cut and styled.

~Skin care specialists this job may also have the title of makeup artist or estheticians. They focus on the customer’s face and advise them on different skin care options. To work as a skin care specialist requires that you have knowledge of all the different skin types along with being familiar with common skin problems. They may recommend products to the customer and helps them choose the right one. A skin specialist may work as just a makeup artist and apply makeup on customers for special occasions like weddings, the prom, etc. They may also teach the customers how to put it on themselves and which products they need to buy in order to accomplish the same outcome.

~Nail technicians being a nail technician their responsibilities include providing pedicures and manicures along with caring for the feet and hands in general. They may also apply acrylic nails, clean, and polish their nails.

~Receptionist they will answer the phone, schedule appointments, take and process payments.

For most women, their hair is their crowning glory. Women spend countless hours per week thinking about, washing, conditioning, and fixing their hair into a wide variety of styles. In order to have a great look, it is important to find a hair salon that is just right for you. Stylists who work in the top hair salons in Los Angeles have some helpful advice for those who are looking for a hair salon that is just right for them.

Stylists at the top hair salons advise that you pay close attention to the little things in a salon. If the office appears to be dirty or in disarray, don’t go there. Also, if the stylist has hair that looks damaged or unkempt, usually this is a red flag that they will not have an interest in paying attention to the care of your hair either. It is also important that the stylist that you chose has a personality type that works well with your own. With a little research, it is possible to find the hair salon that perfectly meets your needs.