Justin Timberlake Haircut 2019

The Justin Timberlake haircut has changed many times over the years. The mega-pop star, who rose to fame in the 90’s boy-band era as the front-runner of NSYNC, knows how to style the best haircuts and styles. In fact, the best Justin Timberlake hairstyles span more than a decade and range from the pop star’s long, curly hair to his undercut comb over. Ultimately, his ability to rock the current

Zac Efron Hair 2019

Zac Efron’s hair and awesome hairstyles have provided tons of styling inspiration for men around the world. While the actor has made a major transformation from his teen days as a heartthrob in Disney’s High School Musical franchise to a well-respected actor starring in major films, Efron’s hairstyles have always been on point. Throughout Efron’s rise to fame, the celeb has worn his short and long hair in a variety of

Ryan Gosling Haircut 2019

The Ryan Gosling haircut has made this celebrity known for his cool yet classy hairstyle. In fact, Gosling’s hair is so versatile, the heartthrob has been able to pull off short and long hair without a hitch. Ultimately, with a handful of beloved roles under his belt, Ryan Gosling has become one of Hollywood’s top leading men over the past decade. The Canadian actor got his start in show business